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Hey who else

Hello world. It’s me mom. That’s all I know to be called. It’s cool and a lot of women like me go by it. We will use it.

I am mom to many but legally only 5. Strange how you pick so many extras up along the journey but they are the best and I love the ones that my kids call mom too.

I was raised in the far south (Florida) and moved to the middle of the US ughh Farm world and land. From the hustle of beach life lmao yeah I said it. That was a culture shock-16 and discovering racism.

Just a little back drop you will get more as I go. Just want you all to be able to understand this crazy anxiety sometimes very over ridden mother lol ramblings.

Yeah . What did you just step into ? Lol.

Read along subscribe follow however you do this. I use to keep this all private. One day a group of friends asked to start sharing my life on FB and twitter and I said sure …. now they have talked me into a blog I have had forever just never posted.

Like I said grab the rains and hold tight ! Definitely leave me some feedback messages. Like stories what have you !

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