aniexty, Coronavirus, Work From Home Life


Is it Taco Tuesday ? I hope it is. I want some margaritas … well of course tacos = margaritas. Great thinking right.

Another beautiful sunny day. Sun is shining so bright – some shits going to happen lol. Like CoroUPmyassvirus isn’t enough. Our city has yet to go on lock down …. we are one of the biggest military hubs in the world … you think that’s why ? Not sure but Denver has …. well they are God right – LMAO 😂.

I do wonder what gets you CD-19 ? I mean why aren’t we all locked down ? I see small states and cities do it. I see huge cities do it but not all the state. I live in Colorado Springs the biggest military hub …. they are letting all those military personell have such a chance of infection. Spreading quicker and easier.

Food for thought. I have to go back to work soon … plan to enjoy my last bit of sun shine on my skin.

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