Windy Day – Not today fires 🔥

Good morning. It’s going to be a great day to have 10 cubic yards of manure for the garden, 10 cubic yards of soil, and 20 cubic yards of mulch delivered. Haha. Thankfully our neighbor is having just as much delivered , we have cool neighbors. That wind blowing so harsh today – yay fence fixed by my love 😍 yeah I am lucky

Living on the front range in Colorado is interesting – totally different than the Midwest or Florida. How do they live with no air or humidity lol ? We are adjusting. 60% of our yard is sunshine Colorado sun which is a so different than sun anywhere else. That 40% though stays frozen and wet. Not after today lol.

I love lamp 🪔

Good day world off to my office in my basement voluntarily , I might add. That has no friends or co workers with any dying deadly diseases.

We have completed the toddler play area/corral

We recycled pallets and used recycled tree bark … we worked 3 days on this, now just need to clean them for this year. What to clean outside toys with ?

Can’t wait to update the #mulch pictures today, tonight, tomorrow.

I for sure need to learn how to pour/lay concrete ! #doityourselfconcrete

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