Not sure

Might be the new med change again not sure. But it damn sure is a beautiful day ! I am so happy and in love with it. I woke and right away had him take the day off FMLA ….. (thank you some one for that ) too lazy to fucking google this early lol 😆. It’s making me tired for sure. I feel the double dose. I am not sure if they are working. Put I feeeeeeel them.

My ankle has gone down tremendously! Omg the swelling is almost nothing. I swear these blackouts are going to to kill me. 2-4 days of just falling over. Lol

The ones from last week this legal steel pile that has spikes in it decideded time loose balance and fall it hit my head. Have me stitches yummmm fun 🙄

Goes further back and deeper. This was a week ago.

This is how my anekele has heeled which I still cannot walk on. New medicines , the sunshine at 7k elevations and severe panic disorders. Who would of thought.

I tell you funniest 💩 crap happens with me stick by and you will laugh day to day.

  • Love yourself
  • You are number one
  • Eat what you want life is short
  • Wear deodorant

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