The reason why …..

You’re not the one that sleeps with baby monitor yet you are the one awoken at 6:40 AM. You are the one to get up and be the parent yet another year.

I did not want to eat alone on “my day” so I didn’t get a lunch. That is my fault, another reason, I didn’t get lunch for “my day”. Another year.

He napped so I stayed awake and carried heavy bricks over and watched the kid that didn’t nap, got the other one out of their bed when they were up another year.

Even though I wrote on a piece of a paper and gave him. I didn’t get dinner for “my day”, because after being given hate and bad attitude and ignored all day, I didn’t look at his phone. That is why no dinner for me on my day …. no clue why to look at the phone. Another year.

I can’t remember the last time that I have had “Mother’s Day”. I have no mother to spend with and no one to do anything for me.

These are my reasons that I am gone. I can’t stand being the reason that something is always wrong. Now something will not be my fault. As I cry my eyes out the last Mother’s Day it doesn’t seem to be any different.

These alone.

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