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To believe or to not believe

Let me start with thank you all for the work that you do essential and non essenstial. All work is important, if you choose a career that , you through this path as well , where you will be be near deady diseases and death , welll i am the bitch you choose that field ? Good for you not me. I am grateful for for you, but extra pay extra thanks yeah ….

I beleive the epidimic i blieve there is a disease being passed around.

What do i believe really nothing. There is no proof yet showing that anything is the only real cause of death. Then also i do believe these things happen and are sometimes real i guess we will see. Just like these that are so broad and so full of passion , that cannot hold in all that passion, to see what time plas out is the only sure thing. I kow that I have the means and ways to florish my children 🙂

I think that we worked super hard on some kick ass raised garden beds wood (recycled out of pallets) homemade compost and yard wasting from winter/fall cleaneup . SO recycled and reused

now as for all the seeds we planted and he for some odd reason left outside died, i have a few indoors we wil see what comes of them . i think that i will just replant them all then , he will never know and maybe be happy. The things you do for the ones you love. He did such a awesome job. The work that i have for myself tomorrow is going to be amazing, i ordered and had Joe pick up some more pavers for the yard , I making small sitting area for me (or whomever that would use it. I was going to make a bird house if I could to make out by the end of the yard of some grass to grow there. That would be so great . Well i am off to try and nap this is gong to be my last for a bit, my naps are going bye bye whe i go back to work.

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white flag wave

After being a mother for 23 years and 2 relationships later at 42.

I threw the towel in ! Waved the white flag ! Bended my knee. I have asked for helped. For my self for me as a mom and wife.

I have begged for my help myself took advice to help myself ! WTF ! Right. What happened to that tough mom , you will bounce right back. No I don’t think so.

My Tochter (Dutch)is pushing me over the Edge again. It’s a pill hard to swallow or crush

Now the Klono pins are prohibiting the convo – but you will hear it soon stay tuned.


Windy Day – Not today fires 🔥

Good morning. It’s going to be a great day to have 10 cubic yards of manure for the garden, 10 cubic yards of soil, and 20 cubic yards of mulch delivered. Haha. Thankfully our neighbor is having just as much delivered , we have cool neighbors. That wind blowing so harsh today – yay fence fixed by my love 😍 yeah I am lucky

Living on the front range in Colorado is interesting – totally different than the Midwest or Florida. How do they live with no air or humidity lol ? We are adjusting. 60% of our yard is sunshine Colorado sun which is a so different than sun anywhere else. That 40% though stays frozen and wet. Not after today lol.

I love lamp 🪔

Good day world off to my office in my basement voluntarily , I might add. That has no friends or co workers with any dying deadly diseases.

We have completed the toddler play area/corral

We recycled pallets and used recycled tree bark … we worked 3 days on this, now just need to clean them for this year. What to clean outside toys with ?

Can’t wait to update the #mulch pictures today, tonight, tomorrow.

I for sure need to learn how to pour/lay concrete ! #doityourselfconcrete

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Hey who else

Hello world. It’s me mom. That’s all I know to be called. It’s cool and a lot of women like me go by it. We will use it.

I am mom to many but legally only 5. Strange how you pick so many extras up along the journey but they are the best and I love the ones that my kids call mom too.

I was raised in the far south (Florida) and moved to the middle of the US ughh Farm world and land. From the hustle of beach life lmao yeah I said it. That was a culture shock-16 and discovering racism.

Just a little back drop you will get more as I go. Just want you all to be able to understand this crazy anxiety sometimes very over ridden mother lol ramblings.

Yeah . What did you just step into ? Lol.

Read along subscribe follow however you do this. I use to keep this all private. One day a group of friends asked to start sharing my life on FB and twitter and I said sure …. now they have talked me into a blog I have had forever just never posted.

Like I said grab the rains and hold tight ! Definitely leave me some feedback messages. Like stories what have you !